Marirose Kuhlman

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Marirose Kuhlman
Marirose graduated with a BA in biology with an emphasis in botanical science from the University of Montana, Missoula. She gained experience in botany working as a field technician for the Forest Service, non-profits, and the university. She has also worked as a lab technician in a salmon and trout genetics lab, and has organized environmental education classes for local homeschooled children.

Marirose works as a botanist for MPG Ranch where she performs vegetation surveys and conducts a pollinator monitoring program. She lives in a little hand-built cabin in the woods with her husband and their four young children who keep them very, very busy.

Marirose P. Kuhlman, Skyler Burrows, Daniel L. Mummey, Philip W. Ramsey, Philip G. Hahn  (2021).  Relative bee abundance varies by collection method and flowering richness: Implications for understanding patterns in bee community data.  Ecological Solutions and Evidence  2, e12071.
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Late Summer 2020 Insect Observations

September 18th, 2020
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