Sasha Victor

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Sasha Victor
Restoration Researcher
Sasha began developing her land and conservation ethic at a very young age while spending summers living in a cabin with her family in eastern Idaho. She came to Montana in 2004 to attend the University of Montana and in 2009 she graduated with a B.S. in Resource Conservation and a B.A. in Biology (Botanical Science Concentration). During her tenure at UM she conducted pre- and post-restoration botanical surveys in the Yaak and Seeley Lake area for the Restoration Ecology Lab. In 2012, Sasha made the move with her husband to Colorado to attend Colorado State University’s Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. While working in the Restoration Ecology Lab she conducted research focused on the restoration of two rare, endemic, Threatened Physaria species in the oil and gas fields of western Colorado.

In 2015, Sasha graduated with an M.S. in Ecology and immediately returned to Montana to work as a seasonal botanist on MPG Ranch. In 2016 she began working as a Restoration Research Associate. Since joining the Restoration Team, she has focused on researching the adaptation of native plants to invasive species through the analysis of plant traits. Outside of work, Sasha enjoys yoga as well as hiking and photographing wildflowers with her little family: Dave, Otis, Sly dog, and Pinto Bean.
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