Tanner Banks

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Tanner Banks
Field Project Manager MPGN / Aquatic Ecologist
Tanner grew up in Colorado and came to Montana in 2012 to pursue an education in natural sciences. He received his B.S. in aquatic ecological restoration and wildlife biology from the University of Montana in 2015. He has continued his post-bach education in fisheries biology and geomorphology for the last several years. Tanner is the field project manager at MPG North and a field technician at MPG Ranch. He also serves MPG as an aquatic ecologist, focused on the conservation and management of native trout in Montana. His research aims to better understand the interspecific relationship between native and non-native fish in relation to in-stream habitat. Tanner’s interest in fisheries science stems from being a long-time angler and as a result, his desire to preserve the legacy of native fish for future generations. Tanner is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman, who is entertained by the simplicity of wildlife and wild places.

Winter Tracking Update

February 19th, 2018