William Blake

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William Blake
Avian Scientist
William obtained an MS in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana in 2018 focused on the influence of habitat selection on reproductive outcomes of Lewis’s Woodpecker in the Bitterroot Valley, MT.
William coordinates the “Intermountain West Collaborative” Motus project. Motus is an international collaborative network that permits tracking migration of small wildlife by using telemetry and automated receiving units. In addition to Motus, William also leads various banding operations at MPG Ranch, including the capture and tracking of Lewis’s Woodpecker, Northern Pygmy-owl, Flammulated Owl, Common Poorwill, and Common Nighthawk.
Outside of work William enjoys everything outdoors, team sports, and traveling.

William M Blake, Katharine R Stone, William M Janousek, and Thomas E Martin  (2022).  Lewis’s Woodpecker nest success and habitat selection in floodplain and burned forests in western Montana.  Journal of Field Ornithology  10.1111/jofo.12394.
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Fall 2021 Motus Update

December 9th, 2021
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