11-24-14 Phenology Field Note

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11-24-14 Phenology Field Note

November 24, 2014

Marirose Kuhlman shares plant phenology observations on the cusp of fall and winter weather.

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Phenology Field Note Fall Rains and First Snow November 24, 2014 Marirose Kuhlman

Phenology locations

Wild roses grow spiny rose galls when cynipid wasps oviposit in the rose’s tissue. The wasp’s eggs develop safely within. (Rosa woodsii, North Ridge)

A mild, wet autumn coaxes perennial white campion to resprout and encourages annual Rocky Mountain bee-plant to prolong flowering. (Above, Silene latifolia, North Center Pivot. Below, Cleome serrulata, Native)

A lone mycenoid mushroom stands slightly taller than its mossy companions. This fragile fungal fruiting body belies a below-ground hyphal behemoth. (Native)

Ice encapsulates the pods and seeds of littlepod false-flax. (Camelina microcarpa, Boondocks)

Plant phenology data collection continues through seasonal shifts. Increasing snowpack at higher elevation sites makes data collection challenging. (Baldy)

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