About Us

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With more than 15,000 acres of conservation property in Western Montana, MPG Ranch stewards large, undeveloped landscapes for wildlife habitat and the enjoyment of future generations. We conduct research and collaborate with other local organizations and researchers that design and implement outreach and public education events.

Our researchers specialize in restoration and ecology. We seek new ways to restore lands affected by invasive weeds, herbicide use and other management practices that create disturbances while protecting the lands for future generations.

MPG works closely with local conservation groups and researchers to offer educational opportunities to students of all ages. From educational tours of the ranch, to teaching college courses in genetics and hiring interns, we seek to inspire and train the next generation of scientists to protect landscapes.


MPG Ranch promotes conservation through restoration, research, education and information sharing.

Conservation Goals:

1. The description of ecological roles of species

2. Develop strategies to decrease invasive species

3. Improve land restoration practices

4. Support and train conservationists

5. Inventory flora and fauna present on the Ranch

Research and Restoration

MPG Ranch sponsors scientists who guide restoration efforts and seek to understand the ecology of organisms present from microbes to mammals and trees. These scientists have published 34 peer reviewed scientific publications in the past five years. For more information on our research efforts, please click here or contact info@mpgranch.com


Ranch History

MPG Ranch was purchased from the Schroeder family in 2009 and after more than 100 years of agricultural and livestock use. The Schroeder family first homesteaded in the area in 1881 when Montana was a territory of the U.S. and much of the Bitterroot Valley area was open range for livestock. Over the course of many generations and a series of boom and bust economic cycles, the family acquired more land which they used to raise both sheep and cattle.

The Schroeder family has a history of being very active in the community, ranging from holding seats in the Montana legislature to founding local conservation districts. They were also a very progressive family; one of the Schroeder women was among the first class of women to receive her degree in economics from the University of Montana, Missoula in 1917.

MPG Ranch recognizes the important history of the land and works with the Schroeder family on a regular basis to better understand how the ranch was managed both historically, as well as in recent years.



MPG Ranch is always accepting resumes from individuals with science and restoration backgrounds, To see current vacancies and submit a resume please click here.


Recreation Policy


We appreciate that all wildlife in Montana is publicly owned. MPG Ranch views hunting as a primary tool in managing elk and white-tailed deer populations on the ranch. Providing public hunting opportunities is important to us, but it is secondary to our population management goals.

Biologically, harvesting female ungulates is the most effective method of controlling big game populations. Therefore, our primary objective for hunting is to harvest antlerless elk and white-tailed deer. Other big game and game bird species inhabit the ranch at levels that don’t require management through hunter-harvest.

We average about 85 hunters who harvest about 50 antlerless elk annually. Hunter access varies each year depending on our needs and management goals. We select hunters based on their hunting/shooting skills combined with their volunteer history with the ranch. We rarely grant permission to hunters unfamiliar with the ranch.

If a hunter would like to get involved at MPG Ranch, we recommend that they sign up for our newsletter to see available opportunities. We ask all hunters new to MPG Ranch to visit our shooting range and demonstrate their shooting skills as a precursor to gaining hunting access. All big game hunters on MPG Ranch must use non-lead ammunition. Ranch hunt coordinators supervise all elk hunting.

We also host a youth field day annually. Hunters, ages 10-14 years old, learn about wildlife conservation and rifle accuracy. Those youth completing the course and demonstrating the best shooting skills earn a chance to hunt antlerless elk on MPG Ranch. We welcome inquiries regarding this program.

If you or your child meet these criteria, you can contact us at hunting@mpgranch.com.


There is no general open access to MPG Ranch. MPG Ranch has hosted thousands of visitors each year since 2010. Most of them were part of a school group, volunteer project, or on a guided tour. If you would like to get your boots dirty at MPG Ranch, we suggest you sign up for our newsletter to see upcoming opportunities. Other inquiries can be directed to info@mpgranch.com.

Please contact Philip Ramsey (406.546.0699- Ranch Manager) if you see an unsafe situation or suspect illegal activities.