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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, MPG is limiting group activities on the ranch. As we open to the public, we are taking precautions to keep staff and visitors safe. We require visitors to wear masks, remain 6 feet apart, and to drive their own vehicles. We are also limiting group size. Visitors will need to bring their own guide books, so that we do not share those materials. Current transmission trends warrant reduced group congregations. We are monitoring the situation and may cancel events as a result.
Winter Tracking
Thursday 1/21 11am - 3pm
Friday 1/29 11am - 3pm
Learn the basics of snow tracking, track identification, gait, stride length, and foot morphology. Volunteers will also learn about the cougar study and (if we find a cougar track) assist with the collection of DNA via hair samples. Tracking is limited to 4 volunteers per outing. No experience necessary. Please contact us to register. We will reply with directions. As you may have noticed, we lack snow this winter, so these trips will be dependent on sufficient snow. Fingers crossed!

Montana Bushcraft Series - New episode is out!
Because Covid has limited our ability to bring groups to the ranch, we created a video series to bring educational content to you. Montana Bushcraft is a series of short, informative films that focus on traditional wilderness skills. Topics will include cordage, hide tanning, friction fire, stone tool production, basket making, leather working, tracking, and much more. We hope these videos will inspire you to engage with the natural world directly. And always, we promote the respectful and sustainable harvest of natural materials.

Episode 2: Flesh and Salt
In this episode we begin the process of hide tanning and discuss how this skill was important to traditional cultures. With modern hunting, there can be a lot of waste and hides are often left in the field. Would you like to know how to make a beautiful, soft leather from what most people discard? We will cover the initial fleshing and salting steps to preserve a hide till spring, when we continue the rest of the tanning process.

We are also pleased to offer educational resources, developed in partnership with Inspired Classroom and Raptor View Research Institute, to anyone who is running remote classrooms or homeschooling children. Please follow the link below to access curriculum challenges free of charge.

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Education and Outreach, Range Restoration