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Learning about the environment is the first step in protecting it. Education is an important focus of what MPG Ranch does every day. Whether we’re writing about our scientific research, helping a school develop its science curricula, or hosting educational events on the ranch, we strive to learn from our environment and share that knowledge with our community.

Curriculum and Education Programs for K-12

MPG Ranch promotes conservation through restoration, research, education, and information sharing. Their impact is amplified through in-depth learning experiences co-developed by Inspired Classroom and hosted on MentorIC software. Learning experiences are further enhanced by live, interactive classroom visits by MPG mentors over Zoom. Click to see all of our curriculum and education programs for K-12.

MPG Education Resources

These resources are used and developed by MPG scientists and researchers. MPG includes these resources in their learning experiences.

Camera Network

Our Camera Network consists of motion sensor activated and live video.

Field Notes

Researchers at MPG Ranch regularly publish field notes to keep everyone updated on research projects at the ranch.


MPG Ranch seeks to understand western ecosystems, develop the best methods to restore diverse plant communities to disturbed landscapes, and document how wildlife responds to our efforts. Find published papers here: and research updates here:

Habitat Restoration Map

The Habitat Restoration Map captures our ongoing management plans and actions and provides a venue for discussion of restoration research and practices.

Research and Education Tools

Our curriculum and educational programs use many of the same tools used by our researchers. We make these tools and resources available to the general public.

Raptor Tracker

Track migration of raptors through a joint project with MPG Ranch and Raptor View Research Institute.

Matrix Tool

The MPG Matrix is a tool for modeling ecosystems to see the connections between organisms and how they may affect one another. The Matrix was developed by scientists. They create models of ecosystems and use the data to make recommendations, set up experiments, develop wildlife management plans, combat invasive species, and much more. A group of educators is working with the Matrix to create curriculum and instructional videos to be used in the classroom. Students will use the Matrix to learn about ecosystem interactions, answer questions, and maybe, create their own experiments.

Film and Documentary

Film is a powerful way for us to share the stories of science. Through this engaging medium, we can reach a wide audience with our work and bring the ranch and its research to the public.



Montana Bushcraft:

Programs and Visits

We engage the general public, local conservation groups, and elementary, high school, and undergraduate students in a multitude of ways. Some of our employees teach university classes using their own scientific research as hands-on teaching tools. The ranch hosts student groups in a variety of expeditions, allowing them the opportunity for hands-on learning.



Field Trip Grants

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