02-06-15 Eagle Field Note

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02-06-15 Eagle Field Note

February 5, 2015

Raptor View Research's field note describes a Golden Eagle with a severe injury that was captured on February 1rst.

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Injured Eagle Capture Raptor View Research Institute 2/3/15

The Golden Eagle was emaciated. After surviving its first five years into adulthood, this bird is now unable to effectively hunt and find food.

The extent of its injuries prevented us from releasing the eagle. We quickly contacted local raptor rehabilitator Brooke Tanner with Wild Skies Raptor Center for evaluation and medical attention. At last report, the adult female is stable, calm, responding well to medication, and eating voraciously. We do not know if she will have to be euthanized.

Every year, we get calls about injured eagles with broken legs and wounds similar to this adult female. Of the 35 Golden Eagles we have outfitted with GPS transmitters, two have died in traps. The majority of eagles injured in traps undoubtedly go unreported. Because eagles rely on visual cues to locate food items, it’s crucial that trappers follow regulations requiring that traps be set in locations not visible from above. Trappers are also required to report captured eagles to MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks for release and rehabilitation; it is clear from our studies that some trappers are not following this regulation. This eagle, captured in 2012 on the MPG Ranch, was missing portions of three toes on its left foot.

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