02-12-15 Field Note

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02-12-15 Field Note

February 12, 2015

Rebecca Durham's field note shows seedlings that sprout from warming soil.

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Seedlings sprout from warming soil. Though winter weather will return, strong sun and temperatures in the fifties prompt spring stirrings.

This fleabane grew a full rosette (Erigeron sp.).

An overturned mushroom exposes its gills.

A beaver sinks its teeth into a cottonwood and creates pulpy piles.

A beaver snipped stem still holds a swollen bud.

The gray cratered thallus of Parmelia sulcata appears moonlike.

Beside the river, pebbles scour to sand.

This spider’s camouflage only works on intact bark.

Though spring fills the air, ice still clings to shallow shaded pools.

Leaf in ice.

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