02-13-13 Field Note

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02-13-13 Field Note

February 16, 2013

Jeff Clarke's Field Note details bald eagles on the floodplain, and restoration seed mixes.

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Field Note 2-15-13

Over the last few weeks, MPG spread the first native seed mixes of the year. We use different varieties of seeds and mixes based on the location and terrain of the targeted area.

The seed mix was applied to the South-facing slopes in Sheep Camp.

Last Fall, the Bouma family drilled sainfoin into this open niche (green). Last week, we broadcast seeded all the areas that were inaccessible with the drill (red). As we spread seed, I noticed the sainfoin drilled last fall has already begun to sprout!

Earlier this week I watched a bald eagle fly overhead with a large stick in its talons. I’m sure it was in route to its nest near the Clubhouse. I often see a pair perched near their large woody creation; they will probably fill it with eggs soon.

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