03-01-13 Field Note

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03-01-13 Field Note

March 11, 2013

Jeff Clark's Field Note details a delicious mealworm mix to bait starlings, the beavers appetite for aspens, and potting for a poa secunda study.

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Field Note 03-01-13 by Jeff Clarke

Poa secunda plants were collected from 15 areas on the ranch that differ in aspect, elevation, etc.. These 500 plants were split into two (to make a clone of one plant) and planted into separate pots in the North Pivot.

Beavers come and go from the clubhouse pond. Last fall they began gnawing down the cottonwoods on the island; the field crew placed chicken wire around their base to prevent more from falling.

This year we will use a scrumptious bait to lure the invasive starlings into our traps.

Aspens show early signs of bursting buds.

Turkeys bob and weave through the floodplain in an attempt to pluck early insects from the ground and sky.

Ponderosas wait for spring warmth and rains to shoot their newest whorls outward and their growth leader upward.

The pocket gophers are hard at work. I’ve noticed several fresh mounds in the recent warm weeks.

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