06-30-15 Butterfly Field Note

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06-30-15 Butterfly Field Note

June 30, 2015

Jeffrey Pippen's field note shows species of checkerspots, hairstreaks, and skippers.

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Butterfly Field Note June Butterflies and Other Insects Jeffrey S. Pippen 25 June 2015

Clockwise from the upper left, A Snowberry Checkerspot, a Northern Checkerspot, and a Field Crescent take minerals and moisture from a seep in the boondocks.

Often mistaken for moths, duskywings are small, brown butterflies in the skipper family. I found this Persius Duskywing along South Baldy Ridge.

Of the several species of greater fritillaries, the earliest to appear this year was Callippe Fritillary

Most hairstreaks have “tails” extending from their hindwings. Coral Hairstreaks lack them.

Greenish Blues are uncommon on MPG properties. This individual stares toward the ground at MPG North.

The poorly named Lupine Blue both nectars and oviposits on buckwheat species, not lupines. There is a movement among some butterfly taxonomists to adopt a less confusing and more appropriate English name for this taxon.

This California Hairstreak showed up along Woodchuck Creek, representing a second Missoula County record. Both records are on MPG Ranch.

A Colombia Spotted Frog awaits a passing meal by the creek at MPG North

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