10-30-13 Plant Field Note

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10-30-13 Plant Field Note

October 30, 2013

Rebecca Durham's Field Note shows bright tamarack boughs, moss reproductive structures, and the only native plant flowering at the end of October.

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10-30-13 Plant Field Note

Kinnikinnick, like many members of the heath family, retains leaves yearlong (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Boondocks).

A frost-tinged Virginia strawberry succumbs to senescence (Fragaria virginiana, North Ridge).

Brilliant spires flank the half-moon, tamarack boughs enflame and illume (Larix occidentalis, Boondocks).

A dioecious moss, male juniper haircap develops brown reproductive structures termed antheridia (Polytrichum juniperinum, Native).

The only native plant found flowering the end of October, gray rabbitbrush musters a new bloom (Ericameria nauseosa, Corral).

Kentucky bluegrass and sulphur cinquefoil present a flush of new growth akin to spring. A smattering of native and non-native plants exhibit new October growth (Poa pratensis and Potentilla recta, Whaley).

ow jeweEphemeral elegance, stellate splay, gilded glls the day (Larix occidentalis, Boondocks).