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Min Sheng, Lorinda Bullington, Morgan McLeod, Ylva Lekberg  (2022).  Acquisition and evolution of enhanced mutualism—an underappreciated mechanism for invasive success?  The ISME Journal
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McLeod, M. L., Rummel, A., & Lekberg, Y.  (2018).  A rapid, quantitative, and affordable fluorometric method to determine the viability of roots with potential application in fungal hyphae.  Rhizosphere  6, 1-6.
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Becerra, P. I., Catford, J. A., Luce McLeod, M., Andonian, K., Aschehoug, E. T., Montesinos, D., Callaway, R. M.   (2017).  Inhibitory effects of Eucalyptus globulus on understorey plant growth and species richness are greater in non-native regions. .  Global Ecology and Biogeography  27(1), 68-76.
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Representative Soil Profiles

October 17th, 2017
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Exotic and Native Forbs: Plant Productivity, Soil Respiration, and Soil Nitrogen

January 18th, 2015
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