08-13-12 Plantings Update

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08-13-12 Plantings Update

August 13, 2012

Dan Mummey shares an update on the status of plantings.

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Plantings Update 08-13-12

Weedy dicots emerge after watering, but won't survive.

Mowing the north center pivot will reduce weed competitiion.

Corn will provide wildlife forage this fall.

Corn is doing well.

Maximillian sunflowers do well along roads.

Clearfield sunflowers are in bloom.

Clearfield sunflowers close up.

Soybeans are a favorite deer forage.

Sanfoin is deer's favorite food.

Prairie coneflower, Munro’s globemallow, Blanketflower, and Yarrow plantings in Patridge Alley.