01-07-13 Field Note by Jeff Clarke

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01-07-13 Field Note by Jeff Clarke

January 7, 2013

Jeff Clarke's field note describes hoar frost, wild horses, and midwinter cold.

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Field Note 01-04-13 by Jeff Clarke

Horse Herd 3 visited the North Sainfoin Bench this week.

Hoar frost.

Hoar Frost 2.

Hoar frost 3.

Ducks on the Bitterroot.

Ducks on the Bitterroot fly away.

Muskrats are more photogenic than ducks.

The recent cold weather brings frazzle ice back to the Bitterroot River.

Cottontails live in a slash pile.

It looks like a large raptor perched on the ridge in Whaley Draw and consumed its lagomorph meal.

This kill site had weasel tracks and scat all around.

A red squirrel lethargically eats a frozen berry.