01-12-15 Bird Field Note

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01-12-15 Bird Field Note

January 12, 2015

Kate Stone's mid-January field note describes winter shrubby draw surveys.

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Bird Field Note Winter Shrubby Draw Surveys Kate Stone 01/09/14

In the winter, we visit each shrubby draw three consecutive days. This sampling method allows us to identify which areas see repeated use by birds behaving nomadically. American Tree Sparrows outnumbered all other species (Table 1)

Similar to our fall and spring draw surveys, we saw most winter bird activity clustered in areas with woody vegetation (Figure 1). For several species, we saw repeated use of areas across the three days of our surveys, including Gray Partridges in lower Tongue Creek, American Tree Sparrows in middle Tongue Creek, and Red-Breasted Nuthatches in upper Sheep Camp.

Unlike most other species, Gray Partridges showed no associations with woody vegetation. Their snow burrows dotted the sides of sparse draws.

I caught one partridge out in the snow, and another peeking out of its snow cave.

A long pink tail hung out of the mouth of this Northern Shrike.

A juvenile shrike shows more brown and mottled colors than the adult.

The south-facing slopes await flocks of Horned Larks, Lapland Longspurs, and Snow Buntings.

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