03-03-14 Elk Field Note

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03-03-14 Elk Field Note

March 3, 2014

Teagan Hayes's Field Note shows elk weathering heavy snowfall in small groups.

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High snowfall creates large drifts.

February Climatic Variation, 2011 - 2014 Daily Precipitation Daily High

Variation in weather contributes to changes in elk behavior.

February 17: A small group of three antlerless elk make their way toward the floodplain.

February 25: Four antlerless elk move along the northern fence-line on Little Baldy.

February 26: A group of 36 elk cows and bulls gathered south of Woodchuck Creek after capture efforts. Among them stand a radio-collared cow and a bull with distinctive antlers.

Horned larks flock to explore newly disturbed snow.

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