04-08-15 Field Note

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04-08-15 Field Note

April 8, 2015

Jeff Clarke's field note details great basin wild rye and aspen transplants, plus wood duck box instalations.

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Aspen and basin wild rye transplanting, wild rice, wood duck boxes

The field crew transplanted 543 aspen from the Northern Floodplain to various places around the ranch. Before each tree was planted, we dipped their roots in growth hormone. Once in the ground, we watered and wood chipped them.

Either buck and rail fences or metal exclosures protected each aspen.

Transplant Locations and Quantities

The field crew also transplanted 425 basin wild rye into the barren base of tongue creek. This week, we will focus our transplanting efforts on the entrance field.

We’ve begun to add additional signs to alert folks when they get close to wildlife security zones. Please know where the security zone boundaries are, and keep out.

Over the last two years we have sprayed reed canary grass in the clubhouse floodplain. Last week we spread 50 pounds of wild rice onto this open, flooded niche.

We added 10 new wood duck boxes to the floodplain last week. WDB17-WDB27 on the map above show their locations.

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