03-26-15 Bird Field Note

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03-26-15 Bird Field Note

March 26, 2015

Eric Rasmussen and Debbie Leick's bird field note details western bluebird sightings, a swarm of Milbert’s Tortoiseshells, and a Barrow's Goldeneye.

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Bird Field Note Eric Rasmussen, Debbie Leick 03/26/2015

Western Bluebirds, some of the first migrants to arrive, forage insects from log piles. This female shares the same perch with a bright male (previous page).

Spotted Towhees also arrived recently, but remain cryptic in dense portions of shrubby draws. ER

The exuberant song of the Western Meadowlark dominates the spring soundscape.

Some American Robins, like this one in the Education Garden, actually sing subtle songs without opening their beaks.

White-breasted Nuthatches are one of the few birds that comfortably walk head-first down a tree.

A Pygmy Nuthatch scours the bark of a Ponderosa Pine for insect larvae.

A swarm of Milbert’s Tortoiseshells explore Whaley Draw.

Most of the migrant Canada Geese are gone, leaving behind the pairs that will breed here.

The new and improved Clubhouse pond hosts a male Bufflehead and Barrow’s Goldeneye. The females may be searching for a nest location.

Next to fallen corn stalks, Mallard tail feathers litter the ground.

A motionless cottontail tries to hide in a debris pile.

Spring officially arrived, but abundant snow still covers the higher elevations.

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