06-28-13 Restoration Field Note

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06-28-13 Restoration Field Note

June 28, 2013

Dan Mummey's Field Note showed recent restoration treatments.

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Crested wheatgrass control area cleanup. We cleaned up crested wheatgrass control areas with glyphosate. Treatments targeted adult plants that survived earlier treatment, emerging crested wheatgrass seedlings, and annual weeds that could compromise future plantings if allowed to seed.

Crested wheatgrass seedlings were abundant in some areas. Seedlings die easy (above), unlike the adults below. I’m still surprised by the ability of crested wheatgrass adults to rebound after glyphosate treatment. Environmental conditions at the time of spraying influence treatment efficacy. Stands must be sprayed on a warm morning when soil moisture is high for good control.

We sprayed leafy spurge patches with Perspective herbicide before glyphosate treatment. Perspective has higher efficacy for leafy spurge control than glyphosate. Leafy spurge plants pictured here began to wilt a day after treatment.

Sunflowers gratify: A desirable species that grows like a weed!

Corn and soybeans respond to fertilizer and recent warm weather. We distributed liquid fertilizer through the center-pivot irrigation system to deposit the low mobility nutrient, phosphorous, into the root zone in dilute solution. Recent glyphosate treatments eliminated all weeds. Soil between rows lies bare.

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