07-08-14 Phenology Field Note

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07-08-14 Phenology Field Note

July 8, 2014

Prairie Wolfe's Phenology Note details summer flowers,
leaf midges, and seed galls.

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Phenology Field Note Summer Flowers, Leaf Midges, and Seed Galls Prairie Wolfe July 7, 2014

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A late season storm covered Baldy peak in snow.

Penstemons blaze the landscape with their brilliant hues. The common name ‘beardtongue’ stems from the hairy, infertile stamen (Penstemon wilcoxii).

Illuminated floral rainbows brighten the high elevation understory.

Filtered light dapples ballhead sandwort as it develops fruit (Arenaria congesta).

Further investigation into reduced balsamroot seed heads reveals an absence of maturing seeds. Many heads instead contain frass and damaged seeds, while some simply lack any seeds at all.

This leaf folding midge creates galls consistent with those of Dasineura lupinorum on silky lupine (Lupinus sericeus, North Ridge).

A fully formed adult weevil emerges from a biscuitroot seed gall (Lomatium ambiguum, Badly).

Community composition varies across the Center Pivot. The resurrection of bladder campion homogenizes large sections (Silene latifolia ssp. alba, right).