06-18-14 Phenology Field Note

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06-18-14 Phenology Field Note

June 18, 2014

Prairie Wolfe's Field Note shows Bitterroot buds and flowers, members of the rose family, and hungry insects.

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Phenology Field Note Prairie Wolfe June 14, 2014

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Bitterroot buds appear in the grasslands shortly before the flashy pink flowers open (Lewisia rediviva, Native).

High waters prevented weekly surveys in two plots.

Members of the Rose family exhibit similar floral characteristics. Radial symmetry, 5-merous flowers, and numerous stamens are typical.

True to its name, prairie June grass opened in flower the first few days of June (Koeleria macrantha, Floodplain).

A lady beetle checks out the available resources on leafy spurge.

Cutworms pressure white campion in the Center Pivot (Silene latifolia ssp. alba). Orderly rows of yarrow illustrate their absence (Achillea millefolium).

Beetles prey on silvery lupine. Species in native areas lack flowers and seed pods due to insect pressure (Lupinus argenteus, Native).

Some species develop fruit with little trouble (Balsamorhiza sagittata, Whaley).