07-12-13 Field Note

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07-12-13 Field Note

July 12, 2013

Debbie Leick's Field Note shows a mountain blubird, cicadas, and young Lewis's woodpeckers.

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Bird Field Note 07-12-13

Abundant cicadas filled the forests, draws and shrublands with a loud, high-pitched buzz. Some people describe the male’s song as “ear-splitting”.

Bitterbrush branches hid an eastern kingbird’s cup-shaped nest. Four brown-speckled eggs lined the bottom.

A dusky flycatcher built its cup nest where these shrub branches fork.

Cottonwood branches supported a camouflaged robin’s nest.

She flushed and revealed four downy nestlings tucked inside.

Kate peeked into a Lewis’s woodpecker nest. The camera captured three young in the cavity bottom.

Begging noises led me to this tree. Behind the narrow hole, baby house wrens waited for a food delivery.

At MPG North, a red-naped sapsucker occupied the same aspen cavity for two consecutive years.

As daylight faded, a colorful sunset fell over the Swan Mountains.

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