07-18-13 Field Note

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07-18-13 Field Note

July 18, 2013

Rebecca Durham's Field Note chronicles the colorful emergence of deerhorn clarkia, farewell to spring, and thimbleberry.

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Plant Field Note MPG Operations Rebecca Durham July 2013

One white pine grows on a north facing slope beside huckleberry bushes. More common in moister areas, only a few white pines have been encountered at the ranch. Will this five needle pine show resistance to white pine blister rust, brave dry spells, and thrive? (Pinus monticola, Boondocks)

Cow parsnip along Davis Creek entices a checkerspot to linger (Heracleum lanatum, Boondocks).

Rose-tinged campanulate flowers grace bronze bell’s stem. This monocot grows throughout the upper elevation forest (Stenanthium occidentale, Boondocks).

Lichens, grass culms, and pine needles form this nest. (Bryoria spp., Pinus ponderosa, Boondocks).

Farewell to spring, a new species to the ranch, little resembles deerhorn clarkia. Numerous seeded capsules, pink petals, and an arrangement of floral parts in 4’s unites the genus Clarkia (Clarkia amoena, Native).

Mid-summer deerhorn clarkia replaces the yellow spring palette of balsamroot and biscuitroot (Clarkia pulchella, Baldy).

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