07-28-14 Bird Field Note

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07-28-14 Bird Field Note

July 28, 2014

Eric Rasmussen's Bird Field Note details songbird banding efforts, Black-chinned Hummingbirds, and a Norther Waterthrush.

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A Red-naped Sapsucker drills rows of tiny holes in a serviceberry shrub.

Avian Science Center: Songbird Banding

Young birds often show unique physical characteristics as a result of the development process.

Banders captured their first Northern Waterthrush on the ranch

A male Nashville Warbler does not stray far from thick underbrush in Davis Creek.

A Warbling Vireo looks curious at my presence.

Female Black-chinned Hummingbirds lack cinnamon or rufous tones on their body and face. A long tail accentuates their thin, stretched-out appearance.

A Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel catches the morning sun.

sun. A male Red Crossbills sang for ten minutes while other crossbills foraged in nearby conifers.

A Boisduval’s Blue takes a quick break on a raspberry leaf.

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