07-28-15 Bird Field Note

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07-28-15 Bird Field Note

July 28, 2015

Eric Rasmussen's bird field note shows Osprey banding, Calliope Hummingbird observations, and Kestrel nestlings.

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Bird Field Note Field Observations, American Kestrel and Osprey banding 07/27/15, Eric Rasmussen

Only one of the two Common Poorwill chicks from the Rock Quarry nest remained on Monday, 7/20. It was gone the next day. The other chick presumably fledged over the weekend.

A local Osprey plunged several times at the Clubhouse Pond. A disturbed Eastern Kingbird made a feeble attempt to drive it away. The Osprey took one more dive and emerged with a small fish.

A female Calliope Hummingbird hovered close to me during a point count. Careful inspection of a large Douglas-fir tree revealed a tiny nest perched on a vertical branch.

Two nestlings close to fledging sat on the nest edge with feathers fluffed to stay warm.

The mother tends the young with nectar from nearby beebalm and fireweed in lower Davis Creek.

This week we banded the youngest American Kestrels on the MPG Ranch. These nestlings will fledge around August 10, over two weeks after the next latest nest.

We deployed our 14th Pinpoint GPS transmitter on an adult female American Kestrel.

accessed the Osprey nest in the North Center Pivot.

We banded the nestlings and outfitted them with GPS transmitters. Because the Ospreys at the ranch entrance are nesting on a live power pole, and the pair at the Sapphire Ranch nest failed, these will be the only young Ospreys to receive transmitters this season.

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