10-26-15 Bird Field Note

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10-26-15 Bird Field Note

October 26, 2015

Debbie Leick shares a bird field note. This compilation shows Wild Turkeys, a Northern Shrike, and a Harlan's Hawk return from the Yukon Territory.

Bird Field Note Field Observations and Raptor Migration 10/24/15 Compiled By: Debbie Leick

Soft clucks disclose the presence of Wild Turkeys as the flock forages on plants and insects.

A bouffant-like red crest accentuates a female Pileated Woodpecker.

Sightings of Northern Shrikes and other winter residents increase as fall migration tapers.

A Prairie Falcon scans for the morning hunt.

We recorded 159 migrating raptors this week, bringing the season total to 3,230. The number of accipiters dropped, Rough-legged Hawks increased, and Red-tailed Hawks remained steady. Next week, we expect the majority of passing raptors to consist of Redtailed Hawks and Rough-legged Hawks.

Of the seven birds we instrumented with satellite transmitters this fall, only the two Cooper’s Hawks continued to move south this week; both were last located in central Mexico. The five other birds appear settled on their wintering grounds.

After a forty-day journey from its summer range in Canada’s Yukon Territory, the Harlan’s Hawk captured on December 4, 2013 returned to the valley. This is the first Red-tailed Hawk we released with a transmitter.

Additional Photo Credits ER: Eric Rasmussen KS: Kate Stone

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