2012 Davis Creek Reptile and Amphibian Report

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2012 Davis Creek Reptile and Amphibian Report

January 31, 2013

Matthew Schertz, Phd. shares observations from four reptile and amphibian surveys of Davis Creek.

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The map depicts the location of snakes and toads found during surveys.This 18 inch Wandering Garter was hunting for minnows 1/3 of a mile below the trout pond.She is the second largest Wandering Garter (next to the Monster of Tongue Creek videoed in 2010) caught at MPG Ranch.This 16” Wandering Garter Snake lay in wait for a trout minnow swimming off-­‐camera.The herpetological hotspot for the South Fork of Davis Creek is 300ft upstream from the trout pond.I located two large female toads during the night survey.

The toad at the hotspot sank to the bottom of the creek, mimicking a rock to avoid capture.

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