2012 Western Toad Report

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2012 Western Toad Report

January 31, 2013

Matthew Schertz Phd. documents two western toad nursuries and explores invasive species threats to toads.

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An adolescent female toad found along the rocky shore of the Clubhouse Pond. Toxins seep from her parotid gland, her best defense against a persistent predator.

The map above shows recorded Western Toad (green) Western Toad tadpole (blue) and Common Garters (red) encounters in what is now the Clubhouse Pond.

Tadpoles migrated to a larger jut of rocks on the opposite corner of the pond which provided refuge from Sandpipers.

Garter snake and large female toad.

Clubhouse floodplain map.

Problematic Invasive Species

Castfish and TadpoleNorthern Floodplain Tadpole Nursery

Northern Floodplain Toad Map

Tadpoles formed tight schools, flipping on their sides to absorb more of the sun’s warmth.A juvenile terrestrial garter lies hidden from view among some rocks.Toad morphsPictures of the tragedy at the toad canal.

An adolescent female living on the beach along the northernmost slough at MPG Ranch.