01-20-14 Bird Field Note

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01-20-14 Bird Field Note

January 20, 2014

Eric Rasmussen's Field Note shares owl sightings, eagle nests, and a flock of bohemian waxwings.

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Bird Field Note Eric Rasmussen 1/20/14

A Northern pygmy-owl perches along the edge of Woodchuck Creek in broad daylight. The eye-spots on the back of its head may confuse predators or songbirds that try to mob it.

We detected northern pygmy owls here in each of the previous three winters.

A long-eared owl continues to roost in Tongue Creek.

The owl sits tight against the trunk of a Douglas-fir tree.

Long-eared owls used this same roost in previous winters.

The token alarm-chatter of a red squirrel accompanied both owl sightings.

A small flock of bohemian waxwings feed on juniper berries.

Unseasonably warm weather brought the snow level up to Baldy, and brought sediment down to the low fields.

The shade of Woodchuck Creek holds enough snow to reveal mountain lion tracks.

Black-capped chickadees search for larvae within knapweed seed heads.

After hunting mallards, a prairie falcon takes a break in the south center pivot field.

A Wilson’s snipe hides along the bank of a floodplain slough.

Debbie Leick and horses face off during winter point counts.

Kate Stone observed a bald eagle on the platform nest on January 14th. Other eagles in the region appeared on or near nests this week.

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