03-17-15 Phenology Field Note

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03-17-15 Phenology Field Note

March 17, 2015

Prairie Wolfe's phenology field note shows biscuitroot seedlings and flowers, yarrow, and colorful lichens.

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Phenology Field Note Fresh Spring Emergence Prairie Wolfe March 13, 2015

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Species emergence varies across the landscape. Four-inch leafy spurge shoots rise from this low-lying plot with a southern aspect, though they remain absent from many other areas (Euphorbia esula).

Shooting star leaves push their way towards the sun despite remaining snow (Dodecatheon pulchellum).

Plumose hairs and finely dissected leaflets inspire yarrow’s specific epithet, which translates into ‘a thousand leaves’ (Achillea millefolium).

Wyeth’s biscuitroot seedlings erupt by the thousands in a meadow near Baldy’s peak (Lomatium ambiguum).

Seeds continue to cling to many species including rubber rabbitbrush. Further examination revealed many seeds to be shrunken and white, suggesting low viability (Ericameria nauseosa).

Colorful stones and lichen constellations reflect the early spring sun.

Early morning guttation droplets mark the ends of leaves on a field cottonrose (Logfia arvensis). These droplets are composed of minerals and excess water, which accumulate during the cool night hours.

lichen on stone

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