04-15-14 Field Note: Early Flowers

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04-15-14 Field Note: Early Flowers

April 15, 2014

Rebeccca Durham's field note displays imagery of flowers currently emerging at MPG Ranch, and an Osprey after a successful fishing excursion.

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MPG Field Note April 14, 2014 Rebecca Durham Spring erupts with a whirl of stamens and pollen rain. (Besseya wyonmingensis)

Five-lobed petals distinguish slender woodland star (Lithophragma tenellum, above) from small flower woodland star (Lithophragma parviflorum). Spring brings the return of intricacy in all life forms.

Near the entrance gate an osprey alighted upon a pole to feast on a rainbow trout. Upon arrival the fish first flopped in protest but soon succumbed.

Pasqueflower reward early spring visitors (Anemone patens) Showier in bud than flower, western saxifrage’s rose-tinged buds will bloom white (Micranthes occidentalis).

Nascent rockcress petals blush purple then pale with time (Boechera sp.). This balsamroot emerged from the ground already budding (Balsamorhiza sagittata).

The specific epithet of low pussytoes, dimorpha, alludes to its dioecious habit. Here the white female flowers contrast with the pink male flowers. Considered the most xerophytic of the pussytoes, this hardy little forb will be ready for seed collection in a couple weeks (Antennaria dimorpha).