04-25-14 Phenology Field Note

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04-25-14 Phenology Field Note

April 25, 2014

Prairie Wolfe's Field Note shows the recent buds and flowers of Lanceleaf springbeauty, Shooting stars, and Moss phlox.

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Phenology Field Note MPG Ranch Prairie Wolfe April 22, 2014

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Higher elevation sites on top of Baldy finally shed their winter cover. 4 to 12 inches of snow that covered point 361 melted in the matter of days. Lanceleaf springbeauty welcomes spring (Claytonia lanceolata, Baldy).

Ground nests abound in lower elevation plots. A Long-billed Curlew hangs around point 109 in Restoration, near where it nested last year. We will avoid this area to minimize potential breeding disturbance. A Wild Turkey nest hides among leafy spurge and snowberry on the floodplain (Euphorbia esula, Symphoricarpos albus).

The weight of a thousand stones cannot keep spring at bay. Larkspur leaves and and a yellowbell bud bask in the morning light after pushing through road gravel at point 143 (Delphinium bicolor, Fritillaria pudica, Corral).

Weeds and planted species continue to compete in the Center Pivot. In this photo, rows of yarrow tower over thousands of kochia seedlings.

New buds and blooms greet visitors daily.