08-08-13 Plant Field Note

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08-08-13 Plant Field Note

August 8, 2013

Rebecca Durham's Field Note reports on late season flowers, including pearly everlasting, and curlycup gumweed.

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Plant Field Note MPG Operations Rebecca Durham August 2013

Yampah’s lace-like leaves emerged early spring and stayed unchanged for months before a white umbel appeared. Few forbs share this life strategy: most late season bloomers also emerge late. While the majority of forbs near senescence, yampah blooms against withering deciduous foliage (Perideridia gairdneri, Baldy).

Both pearly everlasting and pussytoes possess flower heads with dry papery bracts (Anaphalis margaritacea, Boondocks).

The most common aster of the forest, showy aster’s periwinkle flowers appear in late summer and bloom into early fall (Eurybia conspicua, Baldy).

The sticky involucre of curlycup gumweed attracts insects. This late blooming plant in the Asteraceae prefers disturbed areas such as old roadbeds and road shoulders (Grindelia squarrosa, North Ridge).

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