05-06-16 RVRI Research Update

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05-06-16 RVRI Research Update

May 6, 2016

RVRI reports on migrating and nesting osprey, spring migration counts, and an unfortunate juvenile eagle mortality.

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We counted 170 migrating raptors this week, the majority of which were Accipiters and Redtailed Hawks.

Scooter’s mate (top) from the ranch entrance nest, began to incubate this week. Helen and her mate (bottom) from the Sapphire Ranch seem to be considering a move to the platform on Sainfoin Bench.

Walter, Helen’s lone offspring from 2014, began his first northern journey this week. We look forward to seeing if he returns to the Bitterroot Valley.

A young Bald Eagle was found dead on the Sapphire Ranch recently. After noticing the bird was wearing a blue band, they reported the mortality, and we arrived to find Blue 22, a bird we captured February 24, 2016.

The young Bald Eagle was located beneath a dangerously configured power pole, and showed signs of electrocution.