Bitterbrush Leader Growth Observations

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Bitterbrush Leader Growth Observations

January 9, 2013

This document discusses bitterbrush growth differences based on growth form, site, and competition.

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Do growth form, site, and plant competition affect bitterbrush growth?

Bitterbrush takes two forms, upright and decumbent.

Bitterbrush late leaf shed, and regrowth after fire.

Bitterbrush with bunch grass and tumble mustard.

Do decumbent plants grow as well as the upright plants?

Although bitterbrush occur in many plant communities, competitors do not appear to influence leader growth.

Where does bitterbrush grow best?

Although bitterbrush occurs most frequently on harsh sites, we found the longest leaders near Sniper’s Roost on a northwestern aspect at a middle elevation.

Should we cut down sage plants that grow intertwined with bitterbrush?