04-04-14 Phenology Field Note

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04-04-14 Phenology Field Note

April 9, 2014

Prairie Wolfe's latest Phenology field note shows imagery of spring and discusses the differences in spring growth based on location around MPG Ranch.

Phenology Field Note MPG Ranch Prairie Wolfe April 6, 2014

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Elevation of the study points range from 3170 feet in the floodplain to 6000 feet on the top of Mount Baldy. In addition to latitude differences, points span the full spectrum of aspects. Variations in growing conditions are apparent in these photos of prairie smoke, Geum triflorum. 

These two points in the crested wheatgrass restoration area show marked differences in emergence. 109, above, is green with bulbous bluegrass (Poa bulbosa) and germinating seeds that were drilled last fall. 108, below, is barren and brown though only 250 meters away.

Runoff deposited gravel and soil onto point 143, burying much of it under several inches (Corral).Mats of kocia seedlings cover areas of the North Center Pivot (Kocia scoparia).

Purple and green seedlings enliven hillsides. Above: Antelope bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata, Whaley) Below: woodland star (Lithophragma parviflorum, Whaley)

Reminiscent of a mole peeking above ground, Cous biscuitroot fronds slowly unfurl (Lomatium cous, Native). Delicate carpets of shooting star leaves catch the morning sun (Dodecatheon conjugens, Corral).

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