07-31-15 Phenology Field Note

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07-31-15 Phenology Field Note

July 31, 2015

Prairie Wolfe's phenology field note details fresh fruit, agora moths, and recent rainfall.

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Phenology Field Note Fresh fruit, Agora Moths, Recent Rainfall July 30, 2015 Prairie Wolfe

Phenology locations

The new and the old converge on a branch of antelope bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata).

The small, bright white flowers of yampah pop through the shade in forested areas (Perideridia gairdneri).

Agora moths impact big sagebrush populations across much of the west. Here incidental outbreaks may aid in re-opening the canopy where historic overgrazing created overgrown sage communities.

No member of the Asteraceae family appears safe from seed predators. Holes in the center of these yarrow flowers illustrate the vulnerability of seed production.

Monday’s showers glazed newly tinted ninebark leaves (Physocarpos malvaceus).

Western Montana has experienced unusual precipitation patterns this year. Reduced snow accumulation plus an abnormally dry period from March through June resulted in a decrease of seed production for many species. Increasing rainfall in July came post-senescence for many plants.

Yellow salsify takes advantage of new moisture. A dry stalk sports fresh flower buds (Tragopogon dubius).