10-03-14 Phenology Field Note

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10-03-14 Phenology Field Note

October 3, 2014

Prairie Wolfe's Phenology Field Note details showy milkweed pods, late season cutleaf daisy blooms, and a unique bear scat container.

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Phenology Field Note Frosts and Flowers Prairie Wolfe October 2, 2014

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Cutleaf daisy typically blooms in late April. Occasionally, individuals exhibit a secondary flowering period (Erigeron compositus, Whaley).

Months of quiet patience result in ripe mock orange capsules (Philadelphus lewisii, Whaley).

Above, a flash of colors illuminates forested sites. A more subdued version paints the floodplain in the photo below.

An early frost discolors snowberry foliage (Symphoricarpos albus, Floodplain).

Showy milkweed pods open along a single seam, exposing rows of fish scale seeds (Asclepias speciocas, Corral).

Coaxed out of dormancy by a late summer storm, prairie smoke displays old and new leaves (Geum triflorum, Corral).

Left to improvise, I use my hat as emergency seed collection bag for bear scat- a gold mine for shrub seeds.


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