10-29-12 Bird Field Note, By Debbie Leick

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10-29-12 Bird Field Note, By Debbie Leick

November 5, 2012

Debbie Leick details encounters with long-eared owls, Townsend's solitaires, and red-tailed hawks.

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10-29-12 Bird Field Note

Colorful fall foliage brightens the ranch, and welcome precipitation arrives.

Wild horses and Northern shrikes forage the ranch.

A long-eared owl flushes from it's day roost.

Bitterbrush and rabbitbrush are found on the ranch.

A stinkbug navigates the rabbitbrush.

A red-tailed hawk is found stressed.

A Townsend's solitaire belongs to the same thrush family as bluebirds and robins.

Hawk banders and counters entice migrating raptors with a plastic great-horned owl.

Smooth sumac leaves transform from green to brilliant red.

A red-tailed hawk braves a snow squall.