04-25-16 Raptor Update

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04-25-16 Raptor Update

April 25, 2016

Raptor View research shares an update on raptor counts and migration tracking

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We counted 300 migrating raptors, our highest weekly total this season. We saw Red-tailed Hawks and Turkey Vultures in high numbers, as well as an increase in Accipiters. We expect our counts of Ospreys and American Kestrels to increase in the coming weeks, and the number of Rough-legged Hawks to drop.

Tree Swallows take advantage of any available perch near our Indian Ridge count site.

Ten of the eagles (yellow pins) moved very little this week, suggesting they have reached their summer ranges. Two eagles (red and blue), both outfitted with GPS this past winter, continued travelling.

All four of the adult Ospreys from the MPG Ranch returned to their nests this week. Despite wintering in different locations, they all arrived within a 24 hour period. As always, we were amazed at how quickly they made the journey—Olive traveled over 1,700 miles in less than 6 days!

Scooter sits atop his nest with an unbanded female. Last year, they used an alternate nest on a live power pole, preventing us from accessing and banding the young or female. Northwestern Energy removed the nesting platform from the live power pole this winter, and it looks like Scooter and his mate will return to their regular nest.

The Cooper’s Hawk and Red-tailed Hawk continued to move north this week, while the other birds we outfitted with transmitters last fall remained on their wintering grounds. At last report, the Red-tailed Hawk was near Kalispell, MT, while the Cooper’s Hawk had just entered Idaho.