05-05-16 Raptor Research Update

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05-05-16 Raptor Research Update

May 5, 2016

RVRI details the location of birds equipped with satellite transmitters, and updates the spring migration count numbers.

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We counted 142 migrating raptors this week, and most of them were Accipiters and Redtailed Hawks. We expected a higher total during what should have been the peak of migration, but northern winds and poor weather made it tough for migrants to move.

Olive (top), at the north center pivot nest, was the first of MPG Ranch’s Ospreys to lay eggs this year. Scooter and his mate from the ranch entrance nest (bottom) haven’t started incubating, but still hang tight to their nesting platform. Helen, from the Sapphire Ranch nest, has not started incubating either, but she has been observed with a male on several occasions.

Rapunzel completed her spring migration on April 22. She had traveled over 1,750 miles in less than a week and a half! We were excited to see her return to her nest from last year. She should have plenty of time to raise her first clutch of young this summer.

Both of the young Red-tailed Hawks continued to move this week while the adult Red-tailed Hawk and adult Cooper’s Hawk, both in British Columbia, stayed relatively sedentary.

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