Raptor View Research Update: Fall Migration 2012

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Raptor View Research Update: Fall Migration 2012

November 2, 2012

Adam Shreading shares an update on Raptor View Research's migration counts, banding efforts, and raptor tracking activities

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A shift in weather spurns raptor migration.

Raptor Count Summary: 10/12/12-10/22/12 Table

A rough-legged hawk and smoky skies.

Preying mantises and stormy weather.

Raptor Banding Summary 10/12/12-10/22/12

Kestrels are caught in Bal-chatri traps and then banded..

Two rough-legged hawks are caught and banded.

Golden Eagle Tracking Update

Osprey Tracking Update

The osprey from the ranch entrance nest are in Nicaragua and Mexico.

Young osprey from the ranch are in Oklahoma, and around the Blackfoot River.

Osprey from the North Center Pivot Nest are in Veracruz, Mexico, and Sweetwater, Texas.The North Center Pivot Young 2 Osprey has traveled to the Gulf Coast of Mexico.