Raptor View Research Update: Fall Migration 2012

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Raptor View Research Update: Fall Migration 2012

November 12, 2012

Adam Shreading and Eric Rasmussen recount results from the second highest daily raptor count, and report on fatalities with raptors being tracked by satellite.

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November 7th 2012 is the all time second highest daily raptor count.

Raptor Count Summary for weeks of 10/23/12-10/31/12 and 11/1/12-11/8/12 as well as monthly and season totals

Raptor Capture Summary: 10/23/12-10/31/12

Adam Shreading holds the first Rough-legged Hawk captured on the ridge this season.

This adult Northern Goshawk was the last bird captured during the Fall 2012 season.

A Red-tailed hawk banded on the Ranch was electrocuted while eating a squirrel on a poorly configured utility pole.

Since our last update, both adult Golden Eagles have continued their southern migration.

All individuals from the two Osprey nests on the MPG Ranch have remained fairly sedentary over the past two weeks, though we are investigating the fates of two of the young birds.

For unknown reasons, we have not received a signal from Osprey Young 2 since October 25.