Chuck Casper

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Chuck Casper
Rangeland Restoration Specialist
Chuck’s work seeks to improve habitat in shrub and grasslands with long disturbance histories. He is involved with applied restoration and research that focuses on methods to create more resilient plant communities by increasing native species establishment and limiting invasion by non-native plants. Chuck uses remote sensing, GIS, and web-based mapping to visualize the dynamic processes of restoration. He encourages you to visit where these tools are used to monitor, understand, and report the work of MPG’s restoration team.

Chuck earned a Masters in Natural Resources at Colorado State University studying restoration ecology. Prior to pursuing a graduate degree, he worked for private landowners in Western Montana on conservation and restoration projects. He also conducted vegetation surveys as part a biogeography research project with the USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station. After graduate school, he worked for an ecological consulting firm in Denver, CO where he performed site assessments, supervised field work, and prescribed treatments for weed management, erosion control, and re-vegetation. He has a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Northland College.

Chuck spends his free time mountain biking, skiing, hunting, and tinkering in the company of good people and places. He serves the communities important to him as an organizer of a local ski race series and board member of the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation.
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