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Manifesting Phytogenic Gladness

The sun spirals above the horizon in a half-integral spin

illuminating mist that coils and roils against amber culms

here in the undrawable unequivocal morning

a meadowlark orchestrates an exultant refrain

buttercups ring the soil with integrated intensity

achenes spreading with clandestine grace

each golden curve and sway inviting reverence

barbs and burrs morphed into something beautiful

veined cliffs ripple from the land with a sanidinic shine

tongue of sunlight lapping light across the Sapphires

then down to sinuous draws where life covets water

gladness propagating blooms and creeks- waxing: waning

beneath the corrugated clouds a fox forages in wilderness and weeds

marbled fur blending into the ethereal hush of morning

ears tuned to syncopated silence and birdsong

chords of brilliance weaving through the land

verdant growth breaches yesterday’s fodder

vibrant hues surpass the mineral breath of soil

cotyledons shouldering the heft of dirt and rock

coded and adorned with the unyielding continuity of life

the green touch of spring filters an oneiric light

spring intricacies skulk and spill from the land

nature unfaltering- rising into the fluted dawn

we drape this moment around a word and let it blossom: work

microcosms propagating gratitude

we are clothed by the amplitude of splendor

indebted to this land ensconced with life

riveting: true

manifesting phytogenic gladness

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