The Non-lead Hunter

August 28th, 2013

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Rob Domenech, a close collaborator and executive director of Raptor View Research, recently brought this video to our attention.

RVRI has been monitoring lead levels in the blood of Raptors that they band on the Ranch.

The preliminary results are disturbing. With hunting season just around the corner please consider using non-lead ammunition if you hunt.

About the Author

Jeff Clarke

Jeff graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, with a B.S. in outdoor recreation education. After college, Jeff managed U.S. Forest Service campgrounds in Northern Minnesota and ran interpretive programs for the parks. After several months in the woods, he decided to explore Western Montana and soon after was introduced to MPG. Jeff took a role with the MPG North field crew for two years where he gathered data for tree studies, completed forestry projects, worked to eradicate invasives, identified and photo documented species, and assisted MPG’s team of scientists.

Jeff manages the exceptionally hard working 20 person field crew. He leads projects focused on weed eradication, forest thinning, tree protection, prevention of soil degradation, plant propagation, field reporting, ranch maintenance, along with many other tasks. Jeff regularly monitors the effects of his restoration efforts and looks forward to seeing the long term results.