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Eighteen participants attended the 2014 MPG Ranch Fourth of July Butterfly Count. This educational and outreach event attracted experienced and novice butterfly enthusiasts alike.

A Great Spangled Fritillary and a Northern Checkerspot gather nutrients from animal scat. MK

During this year’s event we counted 35 species of butterfly and 814 individual butterflies. I compile and submit MPG’s butterfly count data to NABA, which uses the information to monitor long-term trends in butterfly populations. JP

2014 MPG Ranch Bu0erfly Count Species List Totals July 9th, 2014

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Marirose Kuhlman

Marirose graduated with a BA in biology with an emphasis in botanical science from the University of Montana, Missoula. She gained experience in botany working as a field technician for the Forest Service, non-profits, and the university. She has also worked as a lab technician in a salmon and trout genetics lab, and has organized environmental education classes for local homeschooled children.

Marirose works as a botanist for MPG Ranch where she performs vegetation surveys and conducts a pollinator monitoring program. She lives in a little hand-built cabin in the woods with her husband and their four young children who keep them very, very busy.